New Review in JPMS! Get FLIP THE SCRIPT on your Syllabi this Semester!!

Meghan Drury has just published a great review of my book, Flip the Script: European Hip Hop and the Politics of Postcolonialityin IASPM’s flagship Journal of Popular Music Studies.  It’s available for free download on the University of California Press website at:

“Taken as a whole,” Drury concludes, “Flip the Script is an innovative and dynamic piece of scholarship that lays a valuable foundation for future work connecting the fields of hip hop and postcolonial studies.”

May I also take this chance to suggest that, after reading the thoughtful and positive review, you consider adding Flip the Script to your course reading lists this fall!  Order an examination copy here or buy the book here (Did I read that right?  Only $20.91?!).

Happy syllabiïng everyone!

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