Flip the Script Spotify Playlist

Flip the Script Spotify playlist w/annotations now up at FauxSounds.com — click here:

I’ve put this playlist together for Faux Sounds with an ear to what I want to listen to right now. The playlist includes a number of tracks featured in my new book Flip the Script: European Hip Hop and the Politics of Postcoloniality, but the main aim is to give you an intro to the breadth of hip hop “over there” via some bumpin’ beats, ill flows, and otherwise sonically seductive music. That is, I’m not in professor mode here, I’m in hip hop head mode. In fact, as I put together the list I realized that I’ve reimagined myself walking the streets of Berlin in January again, cold as fuck but beckoned onward by the warmth of a show.

A bunch of these tracks provided the soundtrack for those treks during my fieldwork trips over the last decade. I hope they keep you warm and inspire you to check out more tracks by these and other European hip hop artists. In fact, I’ve stuck with Spotify for the list here, but always remember that many great artists get left off these streaming services – I’m thinking here of a lot of great underground artists as well as classics like the Irish greats, Scary Éire (go YouTube “Truncheon Song” for example) and Smiley Culture’s “Cockney Translation” which would’ve otherwise ended up on the list.

All that said, I think you’ll dig what I’ve cooked up here…

Click here for the Playlist: https://goo.gl/PTuRJ2 

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